Christian Resources

When you are looking for a resource for study material, gospel music, or a congregation in another city, here are some online resources* for you to use to start or continue your studies:

Disaster Relief

To assist with any major disaster, please see the Churches of Christ Disaster Relief website.

Internet Resources

Strong's Concordance with Hebrew and Greek Lexicon

To learn more about Jesus Christ and The Church, try Topical Studies. You may also get free sermon outlines and Bible study material.

For those who are looking for an alterative to the public school system, here is Home School Resources For Christians.

To listen to the King James Bible while on the internet you may go to this Audio Bible.

Directory and Directions

When you are traveling and need to find a Church of Christ, use this world wide Directory

If you would like to hear five minute recordings on numerous bible topics, call the Telephone Library 931-473-2255
Topics include Bible study, family life, the Church and more. You can see the full list online here.

Purchase Bibles and other materials

The World Video Bible School has a selection of DVDs on various topics that may better fit your teaching or learning style.

To purchase Bibles, Concordances, Curriculum, and other materials, visit one of these publishers:

The 21st Century Christian

The Gospel Advocate

Media Resources

In Search of The Lord's Way is Edmond Church of Christ's television ministry in Edmond, OK that you can view online.

Play songs on your computer at The Cyber Hymnal

 *Disclaimer: Please be advised that we strive to submit to you only those resources that avows God's word with 100% accuracy. The internet is overrun with all manner of information and sometimes that information is in some way or even completely false. If you find a link anywhere on our website that may be inaccurate, please let us know so that we may review and/or remove that link. Thank you fellow christian.